2012 MPA Conference

November 25-29, 2012

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When: November 25th-29th, 2012

Where: Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, CA, USA

Who should attend:

  • MPA enforcement officials
  • Communication and outreach managers
  • Foundation program officers
  • Environmental prosecutors
  • Scientists
  • Fishery experts
  • Consultants
  • Conservation NGOs
  • Surveillance and detection equipment providers

Currently, many MPAs are poorly managed and their scarce resources are being employed ineffectively. When MPA authorities are able to carry out patrols and apprehend a poacher, the perpetrator is rarely fined due to outdated laws, corruption, or nonexistent judicial follow-up. In addition, when vessels, personnel, and equipment are available, few are operative due to lack of routine maintenance.

With the growing number of MPAs around the world, the need for effective law enforcement and compliance efforts also rises. The management of MPAs is a participatory process requiring the input of all stakeholders in the planning, implementing and monitoring of management plans - including the private sector, NGO's, academic institutions, and other stakeholders. In absence of a framework, open access and marine resource conflicts will only continue to promote increased polarization and unsustainable resource use.

Distinguished speakers from around the world, spanning 6 continents and 20 countries, will explore common obstacles to MPA management, as well as potential solutions to the following challenges: weak legal frameworks, insufficient budgets and financing mechanisms, poor surveillance capacity, inadequate training programs, lack of community buy-in, and limited political will.

This event will include presentations, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and informal opportunities to network. 

Registration is now closed, as of October 24th.