160 kg tiger carcass in the refrigerator

September 18, 2021

The police discovered a tiger’s body, weighing 160 kg, in a refrigerator in the garden warehouse of Mr. Nguyen Van Chung, residing in Son Lam commune, Huong Son district.

On September 16, the Environmental Police Department (Ha Tinh Police Department) coordinated with the Huong Son District Police to inspect the house of Mr. Chung (42 years old) and seized a tiger carcass weighing 160 kg along with 34 kilograms of animal bones. They were found in the refrigerator in the storage room.

The frozen tiger carcass weighing 160 kg is identified as an endangered and rare forest animal. It belongs to group IB which is strictly prohibited from exploitation for commercial purposes.

The tiger carcass was discovered in a refrigerator at Mr. Chung’s garden shed. Photo: Provided by the police¬†

Mr. Chung confessed that at the end of 2020, he met a man named Viet, working as a container driver on the Vietnam – Laos route, at a restaurant in Son Le commune, Huong Son district. When Viet visited Mr. Chung’s house, Viet suggested sending a refrigerator containing animals to Mr. Chung’s house and ask him to cook glue from the animals. Viet promised to pay Mr. Chung commissions once he sold the glue. Mr.Chung agreed.

Ten days later, when Viet brought the refrigerator to Mr. Chung’s house, Chung opened it and found frozen tiger carcasses and animal bones inside. He refused to take the fridge. Viet then gave 9 million VND to Chung for keeping the refrigerator and was accepted.

On September 18, Ha Tinh police prosecuted the case regarding the violation of regulations on protecting endangered and rare animals, according to article 244 of the Penal Code. Police are looking for those involved to handle.

According to the authorities, many people still secretly buy wild animals, such as tigers and monkeys, to cook and sell in Ha Tinh’s mountainous districts. This causes challenges for investigative work. One ounce of tigers glue costs about 18 million VND, while monkeys glue is 400,000-500,000 VND.

Source: VnExpress 


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