PSA THU MINH – THANH BÙI: “A story of the road” & “What we see”

April 16, 2014

The “Stop Using Rhino Horn” campaign, organized by WildAid, African Wildlife Foundation and CHANGE, has released two Public Service Announcements (PSAs) which were made with the participation of artists Thu Minh and Thanh Bui – the goodwill ambassadors of the campaign. These PSAs aim to call out the community to change their beliefs as well as behaviors to protect endangered rhinos.

These are two of the nine subsequent PSAs (previously announced), namely: “The Myth” and “What I Found”. In “The Myth” PSA, the 2 artists once again prove that the mythical beliefs held by some people about the magic uses of rhino horn are incorrect, and gave scientific evidence that rhino horn contains keratin, (the same substance found in the hair and nails of humans), therefore it has no medicinal use or value.

On the other hand, by their experiences during their visit to South Africa last April, Thu Minh and Thanh Bui shared horror stories about what they saw through the PSA titled “What I Found”, wild nature and unique wild animals have been replaced by bloody scenes of poached rhinos, killed only for their horns.



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