November 25, 2020

Despite being called pets, these primates are being tortured for human amusement.

Though being a pet, this monkey named Kem has been enduring cruel beatings from its owner. Only 5 months after adopting it, this college student already got bored and tried to sell her pet on social media. She in fact did not forget to advise the buyer to remove the monkey’s tail for easier dressing.

Despite being a wild animal, these monkeys have to wear clothes and jewellery in order to entertain humans. Some are even shackled, forced to smoke or attacked by other animals. According to Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV), the smaller the monkey, the higher the price they represent, and that is why hunters never hesitate to kill a mother monkey in order to get a baby.

Ms Bui Thi Ha, vice director of ENV, shared: “They seized the mother to get the baby and the monkeys do not like to wear clothes or drink coke. Maybe they just want to eat bananas and live with their family in the trees. Nevertheless, humans are affecting species populations, which drive a surge in illegal hunting”.

Another monkey named Lop was luckily found in a snare near Vietnam – Campuchia border by Mr Tuyen, who has 8 years experience in rescuing, operating and taking care of wild animals. At the time of being found, many parts of Lop’s body had been necrotized.
“Lop had been trapped in a week before being rescued. All of the wounds had maggots and necrotized and we have to help Lop adapt to the environment before being returned back to nature”, Mr Vu Van Tuyen of Pleiku City, Gia Lai province said.

Lop has now been released back to the wild, but there are still thousands of other wild monkeys available for sale every day. Most of them are hunted from the forests of the Central and Central Highlands by locals in order to fill the middleman’s orders, with an average price of about 2 million VND per monkey. However, the price is pushed from 3 to 4 million when it comes to the city. This is a huge profit that increases the monkey hunting state.

Source: VTV.VN


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