ISSUED DOCUMENT “Law enforcement guidance on wildlife protection 2021”

June 7, 2021

Recently, the Center for Nature Education has released the document “Law enforcement guidance on wildlife protection 2021” to support authorities in the process of managing and protecting wild animals and handling related violations.

The document “Law enforcement guidance on wildlife protection” was first introduced in 2018, providing a full range of legal evidence as well as how to handle violations related to wildlife, gathering all of the handling measures when collecting or receiving proof from residents. The information in the documents is also regularly updated per the annual amendments and supplements based on data analysis of the content of legal minutes. In addition to information related to the law, the document also attaches a list of wildlife species protected under relevant legal documents, each species’ protection status, and instructions on procedures and conditions for carrying out lawful activities related to wildlife.

After its release, the document has received many positive responses from the authorities. It is considered a helpful tool in supporting agencies in the management and handling of crimes and violations related to wildlife following the law.

The document “Law enforcement guidance on wildlife protection 2021” with additions and updates on new documents will take effect from the beginning of 2021, such as the Investment Law 2020 and Decree 38/2021. The government’s decree about regulations on sanctioning administrative violations in culture and advertising; supplements guidance on dealing with offenses related to species that do not have a natural distribution in Vietnam (foreign species).

Besides, the sanctioning regulations related to wildlife quarantine and environmental protection also attach to a list of businesses capable of valuing wildlife to assist authorities in solving cases that need a valuation on wildlife proof. 

One thousand sets of documents, once released, will be sent to authorities and law enforcement agencies such as courts and procuracies across the country to effectively support law enforcement efforts and handle wildlife-related violations in Vietnam.

Download the document “Law enforcement guidance on wildlife protection 2021” here

Source: Bao Tin Tuc


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