VIEWS Awards 2021: Where Wildlife writers are honoured

December 19, 2021

On the afternoon of December 16, 2021, VIEWS Awards 2021 – “Tracing wild animal specialties” was officially held at Sofitel Saigon Plaza Hotel, closing the journey full of emotions and imprints of the contest.

VIEWS Awards 2021 event was graced by more than 80 eminent guests 

VIEWS Awards (Vietnam Information on Environment – Wildlife – Sustainability), an annual environmental journalism award initiated by CHANGE, honors journalists and social media users working in the environment and wildlife.

VIEWS Awards 2021 event was graced by more than 80 eminent guests, including Mr. Oliver Todd – British Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Madan Mohan Sethi – Consulate General of India in Ho Chi Minh City, along with the attachés and officials of the U.S. and Canada Consulate. Also attending the event were representatives of domestic and foreign enterprises, NGOs, representatives of many press agencies, and media companies – partners who have supported CHANGE in many activities and projects since its first day of establishment.

Mr. Oliver Todd – British Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City shared about the concerns surrounding wildlife conservation 

Sixteen individuals and groups in the Journalism and Social Networking Awards were honored. This year’s winners exposed the current rampant wildlife trade and consumption through their fearless reporting, soul-stirring films, and almost alive images. The award panel expressed their admiration for all the participating works as high-quality entries, raising awareness about the issue of hunting and consuming wildlife products in Vietnam – a topic that is vesicant and multidimensional.

Mr. Hoang Van Chien – First Prize in the VIEWS Awards Journalism category 2021 
Pictures of the excellent contests winning the VIEWS Awards 2021 Social Media Award 



First prize: Hoang Van Chien – Do Doan Hoang

The winning entry is a series of investigative articles published in The People’s Daily, with content reflecting the public situation of captivity, transportation, and trade of Wildlife (WILDLIFE) in – Central Highlands and Southeast provinces especially the areas bordering Laos – Cambodia.

Articles in the series of entries:


Second prize: Hoang Dinh Tuong

The winning work was published in The Electronic Journal of Forest and Environmental Protection. This series of articles investigated and reflected on wildlife trade, slaughter, and consumption in central and central highland provinces such as Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam, Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, etc.

Articles in the investigative report series:


Third prize: Tran Dieu Thuy

The winning work is a series of articles, “Join hands to protect wildlife in Vietnam”, published on Vietnam News Agency, to communicate behavioral change, joining hands with law enforcement agencies to make the legal system clear and compelling, and contribute to strengthening wildlife protection.

Works of the article series:


Consolation prize: 

  • Consolation prize 1: Nguyen Truong Son with the article on the news report on the VTV24 channel.


  • Consolation prize 2: Tran Minh Tich with the submission published in The Journal of Brand and Public Opinion.


  • Consolation prize 3: Nguyen Thi Mai Huong with the contest article published in the people’s deputy online newspaper.


First prize: Pham Van The

The winning entry is an article about the common misconceptions surrounding forest animal hunters and carnivores humans, thereby spreading the inspiration for animal rescue and increasing awareness about the ill-effect of hunting, transportation, and consumption of wildlife.

Link 1:

Link 2:

Second prize: Tran Le Quang Phu – Nguyen Minh Quan

The work condemns illegal violations surrounding Wildlife: hunting wild animals for fine jewelry, recreational activities, making food, medicines, etc.


Third prize: 

Hoang Huu Thien (Link:

Nguyen Thuy Linh (Link:

Hong Ngoc Nhu Y (Link :

Consolation prize: 

Hoai Le (Link:

Ngo Ha Thu Tran (Link:

Phung Tuan Anh (Link:

It is impossible not to mention the judges who have thrown out during the three weeks of the award to find the best works. They are prestigious individuals in the fields of journalism, media, and conservation:

  1. Mr. John Baker, CEO of WildAid Global.
  2. Ms. Hoang Thi Minh Hong – Founder & Director of CHANGE.
  3. Mr. Dang Hoang Giang – Researcher on Civil Society, Governance Researcher, Social Activist, and Political Author.
  4. Mr. Vo Manh Hung – Investigative Journalist – VietnamPlus Electronic Newspaper, Vietnam News Agency.
  5. Ms. Phan Y Linh – Director, writer, and Producer – Vietnam Television.

The issue of wildlife trafficking and consumption has become a common concern for the entire world, especially since the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic is believed to be caused by the coronavirus jumping species barrier from wildlife to humans. Attending the ceremony, several special guests, including Miss Universe H’Hen Nie, journalist – MC Trac Thuy Mieu, Writer – journalist Tran Minh (or Binh Dang Do), and Mr. Nguyen Van Thuc – Chairman and CEO of GC Food, participated in a lively roundtable discussion, shared their thoughts and perspectives around the topic of wildlife eating culture, as well as come up with some ideas to improve this situation.

Panel discussion of the guests on the topic: MC, Journalist Trac Thuy Mieu ● Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Niê ● Writer, journalist Binh Bong Bot ● General Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company GC Food, Mr. Nguyen Van Thu

VIEWS Awards 2021 ceremony is not a usual awards ceremony; it is an opportunity for CHANGE to honor and acknowledge celebrities, newsrooms, media companies who have accompanied and supported wildlife protection projects,  especially in the last two challenging years.

CHANGE would like to express its sincere thanks to the artists and celebrities: MC, journalist Trac Thuy Mieu, Miss Universe H’Hen Nie, Choreographer, dancer Quang Dang, MC Lieu Ha Trinh, Top 5 Miss Universe Dao Thi Ha, Ms. Trang Le – President of Vietnam International Fashion Week), Singer Dong Nhi – Cao Thang, Miss Universe Nguyen Tran Khanh Van, runner-up Nguyen Huynh Kim Duyen, MIN Singer, VJ Dustin Phuc Nguyen, Actor Huynh Lap, Travel Blogger Vinh Gau, Travel Blogger Ngo Tran Hai An and many more artists,  Hot TikTokers, Youtubers.

Influencers honored for their contributions to CHANGE & WildAid’s wildlife trade and prevention campaigns: Miss H’Hen Niê, Top 5 Miss Universe – Dao Thi Ha, MC Lieu Ha Trinh, Ms. Trang Le, President of Vietnam International Fashion Week – Vietnam International Fashion Week, MC, journalist Trac Thuy Mieu, Choreographer, dancer Quang Dang (From left to right).

CHANGE would like to express enormous gratitude to Chicilon Media, TikTok, Dentsu Redder, Dinosaur, AWING, Investment Bridge, Saigon Universal Corporation, MOVAD, and S-wifi for joining us in our journey to protect the environment, animals, and wildlife in Vietnam.

Partners were honored for their continuous support of environmental campaigns: Chicilon Media, Dentsu Redder, AWING, Nhip Cau Investment

On this occasion, CHANGE also wishes to thank the agencies, media units, domestic and foreign electronic newspapers that have accompanied CHANGE for many years: Southeast Asia Globe, VOH, VTC, VTV, HTV, Youth, Channel 14, Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Association, Editor-in-Chief of VDT Magazine, News Newspaper, Business and Online Investment, COSMOLIFE Media & Entertainment, Entrepreneur & Life Newspaper, Purple Ink, Culture Newspaper – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

CHANGE sincerely thanks all our friends, donors, partners, and local authorities who have trusted and accompanied CHANGE’s activities since the early days of its establishment, spreading environmental messages to the public. We look forward to the next few years CHANGE will continue to receive the support and support of everyone.

During the award ceremony CHANGE shared plans for wildlife projects and campaigns in the upcoming year, with the desire to mobilize the participation and support of the media, business, diplomacy, in an effort to save wild species from extinction, as well as prevent future pandemics.

The second season of the prestigious VIEWS Awards 2021 with the theme “Tracing wild animal specialties” has officially closed, with entries not only contributing to raise the voice to protect wildlife from dangerous “forest meat” hunters, but also exposing wildlife hunter networks. Hopefully, in the future, VIEWS Awards will continue to receive attention as well as quality submissions. See you at VIEWS Awards 2022!


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