Release 2 Sea Turtles to the natural environment

February 24, 2023

Binh Thuan Online – On 20th February 2023, the Management Board of Hon Cau Marine Protected Area coordinated with the HCM City Fisheries Sub-Department and the Wildlife Protection Organization (WAR) to release two sea turtles to the environment. nature.

Information from the management board of Hon Cau Marine Protected Area, the two sea turtles above belong to the species of Vich (scientific name Chelonia mydas) weighing 12 kg and 18 kg respectively, received by the HCMC Fisheries Department from the people. and Wildlife Service (WAR) rescues in captivity at a business. The above turtles are in healthy, agile condition. After a preliminary inspection, and measurement of size, weight, and tags, these individuals were released back to the natural environment by the functional sector.



It is known that sea turtles are listed in the World Red Book of Endangered and Critically Endangered Species. Although sea turtles usually lay about 100 eggs at a time, almost only 1-2 baby turtles survive to adulthood. In the wild, baby sea turtles are often threatened by predators such as sharks, bears, leopards, foxes, or seabirds.



In recent years, the Management Board of Hon Cau Marine Protected Area has rescued, received, and coordinated with relevant units to release more than 40 individuals of sea turtles into the wild. Not only that, the staff of the Nature Reserve have “assisted” the birth of thousands of nests and released millions of sea turtles into the wild. Hopefully, when public awareness is raised, the risk of extinction of sea turtles will decrease, and hope that the “rescued” sea turtles will live long in the wild.

Source: Binh Thuan News


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