February 24, 2022

Since launching the program “Adopting plush pangolins,” CHANGE and WildAid are delighted to have received great attention and support from you – who have always loved wildlife and environment nature. CHANGE and WildAid thank you so much for joining hands with us in this program!

100 cute plush pangolins from CHANGE and WildAid have found new families! Therefore, we would like to close the application earlier and thank you for welcoming these lovely plush pangolins into your arms.

Upcoming, on World Wildlife Day (March 3), CHANGE and WildAid will continue to have another round of “adoption.” In the forthcoming “adoption” period, not only plush pangolins but also plush rhinos and plush elephants are waiting for you to pick them up! Please follow the fanpage to update the latest information!

Although the road to protecting pangolins is still a long journey with challenges, CHANGE and WildAid believe that every voice and effort is significant. Each baby pangolin being “adopted” by you is a message of hope, sympathy, and connecting us to act for a bright future for this lovely animal.

Because each wild animal is a gift of nature, please continue to accompany CHANGE and WildAid on the way to protect wildlife!


The plush pangolin adoption program to raise funds for public awareness-raising activities on pangolin conservation in Vietnam was implemented by CHANGE and WildAid Vietnam on World Pangolin Day 2022.



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