Arrest the subject of illegal hunting of wild animals

January 14, 2022

Subjects transported more than 20 individuals (alive and dead) including skunks, ferrets, and cave snakes without being able to present relevant documents.

Around 12 o’clock  January 14, the task force of the Environmental Police Department of the Cao Bang Provincial Police in coordination with the Legal Inspection Department – the Cao Bang Provincial Forest Protection Department discovered in Pac Gay hamlet, Hong Viet commune. Hoa An district, Cao Bang province, 01 young man wearing a black backpack, carrying a sack of yellow pineapple on his shoulder is walking from the forest to the street with a suspicious expression.

The working group examined and identified the subject named TVK (SN 1999, residing in Giang Lam hamlet, Truong Luong commune, Hoa An district, Cao Bang province), in sacks containing 17 live individuals, contained in bags iron cage and short trousers tied at both ends, in the backpack contains 03 dead titmouse and 01 cave snake.

At the time of inspection, K. could not produce any documents related to the above animals, the working group made a working record to bring people and exhibits to the Forest Protection Department for verification and clarification. 

Source: VOV



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