Detecting 2 cases of selling and transporting wild animals

September 13, 2021

On September 13, through reconnaissance and duties execution at the facility, the Dien Bien Provincial Police units had consecutively detected two trading and transporting rare and precious wild species cases. These species belong to group 1B, classified as endangered rare species prioritized for protection according to Decree 06/2019 of the Prime Minister.

Nguyen Xuan Duc with the evidence of an individual bear at the police station. 

The latest case is the sale and transport of a bear (weighing 30 kg). The trading was discovered and captured by the combined forces in  ​​Pa Phay village, Thanh Yen commune, Dien Bien district on September 12 at 9:30 p.m when the subject was on his way to bring the bear to consume.

At the investigating agency, the arrested subject, Nguyen Xuan Duc (born in 1997), who resides in Pa Nam village, Pom Lot commune, Dien Bien district, confessed that he bought a bear from a resident in the Cua Cua area near Tay Trang border gate. He was on the way to bring it to consumption when it was discovered and arrested by the authorities.

Previously, on the morning of September 7, at ​​Group 2, Tan Thanh ward, Dien Bien Phu city, the coordinating units of the Dien Bien Provincial Police also discovered and caught two subjects, including Dao Huy Thanh (born in 1988) and Lo Van Hon (born in 1994). Both live in Na Khoang village, Muong Nha border commune, Dien Bien district. They had illegally transported two wild animals, namely Pangolins, with a total weight of 9.5 kg.

Currently, the police agency continues to consolidate the case of handling subjects following the law.

Source: Nhan Dan Online 


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