Dong Nai: Arresting the subject of hunting wild animals in Cat Tien National Park

May 8, 2023

On April 11, the Forest Protection Department of Dong Nai province said that it had just arrested a subject of hunting wild animals in the special-use forest area managed by Cat Tien National Park.

Specifically, around 7 a.m. on April 10, the rangers of Ta Lai Forest Protection Station and Doi Doi Forest Protection Station (Cat Tien National Park Ranger District) in the process of coordinating patrols in the special forest area In Sub-zone 47, Dak Lua commune, Tan Phu district, two subjects were discovered using weapons to hunt wild animals.

Huynh Van Nhan and the exhibits were seized. Photo: CTV.

The task force of the forest rangers quickly controlled and arrested Huynh Van Lanh (39 years old) living in Ly Lich 1 hamlet, Phu Ly commune, Vinh Cuu district with exhibits including: 2 cheetahs, 1 gun , 78 bullets. In addition to Huynh Van Lanh, a companion named K’Nhuan (living in Tai Lai commune, Tan Phu district) took advantage of the dangerous terrain and fled into the deep forest.

Local functional forces said that they are still lobbying K’Nhan to report the incident to have a basis for handling violations.

Before that, at the beginning of March 2023, also in Cat Tien National Park Forest Department, Dak Lua Commune, Tan Phu District, the patrol team of the Mobile Ranger Station coordinated with Nui Tuong Ranger Station and Ta Ranger Station. Lai discovered a group of animals hunting wild animals, so he conducted a blockade and surrounded them.

After discovering the rangers, the group of subjects used knives, wooden sticks, pepper spray, and homemade guns to fight back, causing three forest rangers to be seriously injured. The group of 5 people was also arrested by the authorities later.

Dong Nai province still has many primeval forests, in which Cat Tien National Park and Dong Nai Cultural Nature Reserve are two of the places where hunting of wild animals often takes place. Due to the large area combined with the difficult terrain and the thin functional forces, the problem of hunting wild animals has not yet achieved the desired results.

Source: Báo Đại Đoàn Kết


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