Kbang: Detecting a household illegally capturing wild animals

August 15, 2022

According to the locals, on August 1, The Forest Protection Department in Kbang District coordinated with the district police and Kbang town police (Gia Lai province) to inspect Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lai’s house (residential group 11, Kbang town) and discovered that there were wild animals in the freezer.

A deceased red-bellied squirrel. (Photo provided by the authorities)

Accordingly, through inspection, the authority discovered that in the freezer of Mrs. Lai’s house, there were 12 dead red-bellied squirrels (common wild animal), including 9 hairless individuals with internal organs, and 3 intact individuals with a weight of about 3.5 kilograms.

The appropriate authority of Kbang District made a record of the violation and transferred it to the Forest Protection Department to continue handling in accordance with the law.

Source: Gia Lai News


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