Man caught red-handed smuggling Pygmy slow lorises

November 29, 2022

The police in Thai Binh province have just discovered and caught one person in violation of regulations on protection of endangered and rare animals.

According to Thai Binh Provincial Police, Hung Ha District Police has just issued a Decision to prosecute the case of Hoang Dinh Hien (born in 1990, residing in Tan Tien village, Chi Lang commune, Hung Ha district, Thai Binh province) and Vu Thi Hanh (born in 1994, residing in Thuong Long commune, Yen Lap district, Phu Tho province) for the crime of “violating regulations on protection of endangered and rare animals”, specified at Article 244 of The Criminal Code.

Cảnh sát bắt quả tang đối tượng vận chuyển con Cu li nhỏ - Ảnh 1.

Hoang Dinh Tien next to the exhibit – a Pygmy slow loris which is a rare animal prioritized for protection. Photo: CACC

Regarding the case, Thai Binh Provincial Police said that on September 23, 2022, on Road 39, Tu La village, Minh Khai commune, Hung Ha district, the Environmental Crime Prevention Police Department of Thai Binh Provincial Police caught Hoang Dinh Hien in the act of illegally transporting a metal cage, inside containing a live animal, a small loris, in Appendix IB, list of management of endangered, rare and precious species of forest fauna and flora.

The Environmental Crime Prevention and Fighting Police Department of Thai Binh Provincial Police has coordinated with the Hung Ha District Police to investigate, clarify the case and prosecute the subjects in accordance with the law.

Source: Dan Viet


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