Verify and trace the TikTok account that posted the video showing off the monkey killing action

February 23, 2023

The Education for Nature Center (ENV) is coordinating with authorities to verify and trace the TikTok account owners who posted videos showing off the action of killing monkeys by burning them.

On February 8, the Education for Nature Center (ENV) said that they has received information from the community about a TikTok account that posted a video of brutally killing an individual monkey.

The TikTok account posted a video showing off the image of a monkey roasting, causing outrage among the community

Specifically, the TikTok account hoahoang2701 has about 1,500 followers and has posted an 18-second video of a monkey roasting.

After a few days of posting, the monkey roast video attracted over 88,200 views and 240 comments. Most of the comments condemn the act of killing wild animals in a barbaric way and showing signs of breaking the law.

According to ENV, after receiving the feedback, ENV coordinated with the authorities to use professional measures to verify and clarify the identity of the account holder who posted the savage video.

Initially, ENV identified a number of clues and information related to this account holder to transfer to the authorities. In addition, ENV actively contacted TikTok to remove the monkey-killing video.

According to ENV, in recent years, articles and videos with content that advertise, trade, and kill wild animals in cyberspace are still happening publicly.

In 2022, ENV recorded 1,686 internet wildlife violations. ENV is actively working with partners such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok to remove and prevent these behaviors.

Source:  Báo Thanh Niên


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