Young man sold endangered, precious, and rare forest animals online for profit

November 30, 2022

The behavior of the young man showed signs of the crime of “violating regulations on the protection of endangered and rare animals” specified in Article 244, the Criminal Code.

Nhiều cá thể động vật được lực lượng chức năng phát hiện.

Many animals were discovered by the authorities.

On November 25, the police investigation agency of Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province said that they just caught Hoang Vinh A. (born in 1992, residing in Song Thao commune, Trang Bom district) who was keeping many endangered and rare forest animals in captivity.

Previously, on November 24, Trang Bom District Police in collaboration with the Trang Bom – Thong Nhat District Forest Protection Department discovered at No. 30/1, zone 3, Thuan Truong hamlet, Song Thao commune, Trang Bom district where A. kept 13 individual wild animals with characteristics similar to endangered and rare forest animals of groups IB, IIB, including: 03 individuals look like wild cats, 02 look like long-tailed macaques, 01 looks like Indian pythons, 06 individuals look like small slow loris, 01 individual looks like salamanders, all are still alive.

Hoang Vinh A. admitted that from July 2022 to now, he bought these wild animals via the social network Facebook to keep in captivity at home with the aim of finding buyers to make a profit by selling from 250,000 VNĐ to 1,400. 000 VNĐ depending on type.

Currently, the Police Department of Trang Bom District is soliciting expertise to handle the case according to the Law.

Source: Phap Luat Plus


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